Adding Value to Practice Management Systems

Video #9 in the Healthcare Payments Educational Video Series

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Former Health and Human Services Secretary and Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson is interviewed by healthcare payments expert, Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates in Q&A Session #9.

Practice management (PMS) software runs the business side of healthcare, from scheduling patients to billing to generating monthly reports. Unlike with electronic health records (EHRs), selecting and overseeing a PM system isn’t typically the physician’s domain. In a large practice, it typically falls on the office manager’s or IT manager’s shoulders.

PMS vendors can take a leadership role to reduce costs in healthcare beyond clinical efficiencies. Today, many PMS companies do not offer revenue cycle enhancements such as EOB conversion or EFT Reassociation to ERAs. However, companies which live “outside” the PMS can also support the overall payment process because they provide solutions highly focused on back-office and billing efficiency.

To see the top 10 PMS software vendors, as ranked by KLAS see the following link from this InformationWeek report:

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