Anywhere Validate

Validating payment negotiability of paper originated items

Anywhere Validate

Anywhere Validate automatically validates the negotiability of paper-originated items for any self-service, centralized or distributed capture channel within the Omnichannel of a financial institution.


The system applies a variety of enriched recognition processing technologies to the payer, payee, date and amount fields, which are then available to the capture application.  20+ validation tests are then activated. These tests are summarized below:

  • Payee: Account Name Validation
  • Payor: Account Name Validation
  • Payee Negative List
  • Payor: Negative List
  • MICR: Negative List
  • Payee: Cash Check Indicator
  • Payor Suspicious
  • Payee vs. Payor Comparison
  • High Dollar Amount Detection
  • Amount Verification (CAR/LAR/Index)
  • Amount Discrepancy (CAR/LAR)
  • Image Quality Assurance (IQA)
  • Signature Presence Detection
  • Endorsement Presence Detection
  • Virtual Endorsement Filtering
  • Illegal Document Identification
  • Special Check Classification
  • Date: Stale & Post-Dated
  • Check and Deposit Out of State
  • New Account Identification
  • Short Term Duplicate

Multi-Channel, Real-time Image Validation for Financial Workflows


Teller Image Capture


Centralized Image Capture


ATM Workflows


Remittance Processing


Branch Image Capture

Multi-Channel, Real-time Image Validation for Self-Service


Self Service Kiosk


Video ATM


Point of Sale


Concierge Tablets


Remote Deposit Capture


Mobile RDC

These tests can be activated in either real-time or batch processing mode. The results of each score are controlled by the Owhere App and be viewed via the Owhere Examiner.  Scores from each detector can also complement the overall scoring approach from fraud systems, streamlining traditional deposit review functions.

Tangible Achievements, via Identification of:

  • 3rd party checks, cashed checks and illegal documents
  • Amount errors, ambiguities, and high-dollar risk
  • Signature, endorsement and quality issues
  • High risk and fraudulent payors and payees
  • Checks with illegal dates
  • High-risk capture points
  • Illegal documents per select workflows
  • Compliance with details of deposit agreements for RDC and Mobile RDC

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