Leveraging the Cloud for Big Data Analytics

The Cloud is LoudAll across the healthcare space, data analytics are providing exceptional results to the companies whose livelihoods depend upon accurate projection of future trends based on current divergent information inputs.

Leveraging the cloud as a central information depository and distribution point has proved beneficial to Johnson & Johnson. A manufacturer of medical devices and bioinformatics, pharmaceutical, and consumer-health products, they now have access to near real-time data to aid their three imperatives: prevention, interception, and cure for disease.

“What the cloud has enabled us to do is make sense of that data,” said the vice president and CTO. “It’s giving us the scale that we need to operate and the ability to scale up and scale out. These new clouds in combination with new technologies, such as machine learning, have allowed us to flatten out the time to insight. We’ve decreased provisioning times from three months to under an hour, which is game changing.”

Clearly, managing big data — and constant, secure access to that data — is key to success going forward. OrboGraph has embraced the cloud via it’s innovative Healthcare Payments Automation Center, maximizing security, accessibility, maintainability, reliability, and scalability.

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