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Healthcare Data Management Interview with OrboGraph and Trizetto

Watch the 4-minute video interview of Joe Gregory, VP Marketing of Orbograph, and A.J. Johnson, General Manager of NHXS, division of TriZetto, a Cognizant company by Health Data Management. Topics include hot topics of Revenue Cycle Management & Explanation of Benefits Conversion.

Healthcare Payments Educational Videos with Tommy Thompson

State of the
Healthcare Industry

Implications of Patient Pays

Healthcare Industry
Pain Points

Role of Banks in Automating
Healthcare Payments

Operational Impact of
The Affordable Care Act


Improving the Bottom Line
for Healthcare Providers

Advice to Banks Introducing Medical
Banking Services to Providers

Accountable Care


Adding Value to
Practice Management Systems

Evolving from Paper to Electronic
in Healthcare Payments

Healthcare Payments Interviews: Mark Brousseau

Challenges in Healthcare
Payments Automation

Revenue Cycle

Medical Banking Offerings
from Financial Institutions

Customer Testimonials

Full Video

South Nassau Communities Hospital:
3 Min. Version

South Nassau Communities Hospital:
Full Video

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