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AI Innovation

Both the financial and healthcare industries are undergoing an AI evolution. Review our vision for Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and deep learning targeting these industries.

AI and Deep Learning-Based Check Processing

Check recognition & fraud detection are the most important components in today's check processing and omni-channel capture. Learn how OrboAnywhere using OrbNet AI technology reduces costs and mitigates risk for any check image capture workflow.

AI-Based Healthcare Electronification

OrboAccess, powered by OrbNet AI, provides electronification to remits and payments, enabling RCM companies to automate posting, improve research, and deliver business intelligence

About Us

Celebrating 25 years of innovation, OrboGraph has transformed into an AI company delivering targeted automation solutions to the banking and healthcare industries.


From news and events to case studies, trends, and videos, this section provides a range of information resources for payment automation in the banking and healthcare industries.


OrboGraph produces four blog series on a weekly basis covering topics from check processing, fraud prevention, AI technologies, RCM, and healthcare electronification. Select one the blog to the right. We hope you enjoy!

OrboNation Newsletter: Healthcare Payments Edition – October 2021

Medical Healthcare Research and Development Concept. Doctor in hospital lab with science health research icon show symbol of medical care technology innovation, medicine discovery and healthcare data.

How to Achieve Interoperability in Healthcare After the Pandemic

Daily Host News takes a look at a topic we consider integral to the future of the healthcare industry, and that is Interoperability. As important as it was previous to the COVID emergency, interoperability is now absolutely crucial in a pandemic environment.

They separate interoperability into four classifications: Foundational Interoperability, Structural Interoperability, Semantic Interoperability, and Organizational Interoperability...

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Healthcare Tech Outlook: OrboGraph Recognized as Top 10 Healthcare Interoperability Solutions Provider

In the recent October 2021 edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, OrboGraph has been recognized as a Top 10 Healthcare Interoperability Solution Providers. This is an honor that is awarded annually to companies that are at the forefront of providing healthcare interoperability solutions and positively...

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Top 10 Interop award logo

KLAS Research: Cerner, Epic Among Leaders in Adoption of Healthcare Data Analytics

We have addressed the topic of healthcare interoperability in several previous posts, highlighting how important interoperability is to growth in healthcare, how to achieve it, and how it enables healthcare personalization. With all this established, it is important to take a look at how healthcare is able to leverage...

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HHS Proposes More Surprise Billing Compliance Rules, Delay in Advanced EOBs

The No Surprise Act continues to make waves ahead of its adoption. We've reported updates recently related to the challenges ahead for the healthcare industry in complying with the proposed rules, including advanced EOBS. More specifics of the No Surprise Act are...

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RCM Automation Key for Reducing Burnout of Providers and Administrators

Managing a pandemic was and is a challenge in any industry. Medical Economics recently examined the pressure COVID-19 put on medical practices and their administrative staff. Before COVID-19 struck, many healthcare providers were already nearing a breaking point...

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AKASA Survey: Hospital Revenue Cycle Automation Adoption Sees 12% Increase

According to an AKASA-commissioned survey that included 400 chief financial officers and revenue cycle leaders at hospitals and health systems in the United States, with responses collected between May 27 and June 28, 2021, the number of health systems using revenue…

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amazon healthcare

AWS: Interoperability Through AI and Machine Learning Enables Healthcare Personalization

Unlocking the immense benefits of data interoperability in healthcare has huge benefits for payers, patients, and every person and organization in between. The challenge is on healthcare IT leaders -- and their technology vendors -- to meet the challenges...

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