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Remittance Efficiency Index (REI) Calculation

The Remittance Efficiency Index (REI) is an online computation designed to assist healthcare providers, RCM companies, clearinghouses and healthcare stakeholders to identify their efficiency index based on existing processes for posting EOBs, ERAs, checks and electronic payments.

The final index score is based on customized weighting and efficiency calculations, ranging from "1" (representing fully manual/highly inefficient) to "100" (fully automated/extremely efficient). The final score correlates well to a grading scale, where 90 - 100 = A, 80 - 89 = B, 70 - 79 = C, 60 - 69 = D, and under 60 equates to more of a failing grade.

The goal of any healthcare organization is to achieve 100% posting automation from electronic payments and remits. However, even when paper exists, organizations can still achieve very high levels of efficiency using artificial intelligence and automation solutions. Please complete the 7 questions below to see your organization’s REI score. Did you make the grade?

Remittance Efficiency Index Score

Select option which best describes your claims submission process.

Select option which best describes how your organization manages paper remittances (EOBs) and payments (checks).

Select the option that best describes the automation levels of your remittance posting processes.

Select the option which best describes how your Correspondence Letters from denied claims are processed.

Select the option which best reflects how denied claims are analyzed and prioritized.

Select the option below which reflects how payment reassociation is accomplished at your organization.

Select the option which best reflects the data management and document archive environment for the organization.

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