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Welcome to the #OrboZone

The #OrboZone is your exclusive destination to "experience the innovation" of technology like never before.

Our immersive videos -- integrated with exhilarating soundtracks -- highlight breakthroughs in GPU, AI, Fraud, Payments, and Banking. Also, see our cool photo galleries in each topical section.

Then, enjoy our gaming suggestions and the Sights and Sounds of OrboZone (Turn it up!) to enrich your WFH environment. The spirit of an Orbonian lives in the OrboZone!

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OrboNation Blog Special Edition: The Matrix vs #OrboZone

With the upcoming release of The Matrix Resurrections -- in theaters and HBO on December 22, 2021, we took a look at The Matrix -- the virtual simulation of the world created by the Machines -- and compared it to our own #OrboZone experience!

Immersive Video Stories

Click the boxes below to check out the immersive video stories!

Single GPU: Perfect for smaller amounts of AI & Deep Learning Model training and powering gaming computers

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)


GPUs provides the processing power for AI and deep learning models.


Click here to check out the power of GPUs with our videos and photo gallery...

1 - AI Image

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


AI and Deep Learning technology revolutionize how businesses operate...


Click here to see AI & Deep Learning technology advancements with our videos and photo gallery...

Fraud Detection Box

Fraud Detection


Check fraud continues to technologies can combat these bad actors...


Click here to see Fraud Detection technology advancements with our videos and photo gallery...

Payment Processing Box-01

Payment Processing

Check recognition is experiencing an innovative renaissance from the deployment of AI and deep learning technologies...

Click here to see how AI technologies are achieve 99%+ automation rates. 

Banking-financial box 5-01

Banking and Financial


The banking industry continues to evolve...are you part of the change?


Click here to check out the experience the "innovation renaissance." 

Entertainment Zone


Need a work break? Here are two fun gaming options:

Orbia Mobile Game

Test your skill against pesky creatures in an exciting adventure full of bizarre worlds. Play and overcome moving obstacles with style: only a well-timed tap will lead you to your goal. Created by JOX Development, LCC (not affiliated with OrboGraph), this highly rated game -- 4.6 out of 5 stars -- will surely keep you entertained!

orbia front
Orbia Review


Orborun -- created by Tiny Lab Productions (not affiliated with OrboGraph) -- is a 3D action skill run & roll game! Control your Orbot, avoid the obstacles and escape the hazardous Orbo-world. More than 100 levels, local co-op multiplayer, feeling of speed and twisted levels in haste/puzzle and hazard shaped different worlds makes this game fun to play for ages!

OrboRun 2
Orborun review
Orborun 3

*Steam is a digital gaming distribution platform, containing thousands of computer games for purchase on your PC or Mac.

The Sights and Sounds of OrboZone

The #OrboZone Experience wouldn't be complete without taking in the Sights and Sounds of #OrboZone. Check out the content below for a visually appealing and melodic experience.