Evolving from Paper to Electronic in Healthcare Payments

Video #12 in the Healthcare Payments Educational Video Series

About this Video

Former Health and Human Services Secretary and Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson is interviewed by health care payments expert, Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates in Q&A Session #12.

Gov. Thompson talks about how administrative simplification should move forward within the healthcare industry. Currently, healthcare is behind the curve of adoption compared to other industries including many banking applications and insurance companies. Gov. Thompson started the process with CMS, trying to show leadership in this area. Others are slowing flowing.

Many older doctors and legacy companies are reluctant to change. Their approach to maintaining the status quo holds back the entire industry.

Today, payers are the target of the government to promote electronic transactions, CAQH and CAQH CORE is a driving force in the industry. CAQH CORE’s group is driving innovations through the payers like never before. These innovations encourage electronic remittance advices as well as EFT payments.

A major step forward includes EFT Reassociation to ERAs. This process eliminates manual processes within the providers to reconcile transactions and payments.

For additional information on Reassociation see the following white paper: https://www.orbograph.com/how-to-reassociate-eft-ach-payments-to-eras-in-2014.htm.

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