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Anywhere Fraud v4.1
Fraud Prevention_

We are fraud fighters delivering image forensics and transaction analysis to our business partners and direct clients to detect on-us and deposit fraud.

Anywhere Recognition

99% automation with 99.5%+ accuracy on checks now available for teller capture, lockbox, mobile, ATM, and inclearing verification.

September 20, 2022 81% of Businesses Still Pay Other Firms Via Paper Checks

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September 27, 2022

66% of Bank Execs Perceive Complexity in Integrating New Fraud Tech

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state of fin crimes

August 16, 2022: News Release: OrboGraph Acquired by Revenue Management Solutions (RMS)... Read More →

Innovating Payments: Automation and Fraud Detection

Financial institutions need continued innovation to stay ahead of the modernizing banking ecosystem. The OrboAnywhere platform utilizes OrbNet AI -- Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) based on deep learning models -- to increase read rates of over 99%+ on checks -- achieving true automation in check processing.


AI-based innovations in field detection, classification, and fraud scoring has enhanced check fraud detection capabilities. OrbNet Forensic AI technology delivers 95%+ detection rates on targeted use cases. 


End-User Clients Impacted by OrboGraph Software.


Targeted read rate on checks using OrbNet AI technology.

$5.8 Billion

Total fraud losses in 2021 for American consumers -- according to the FTC. 

Altered Checks

Hottest check fraud trend according members of Check Fraud Roundtable. 

Discover how to achieve 99%+ automation and 95% check fraud prevention for your financial institution and customers through our OrboAnywhere platform. 

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