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AI Innovation

Both the financial and healthcare industries are undergoing an AI evolution. Review our vision for Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and deep learning targeting these industries.

AI-Based Check Automation

Check recognition & fraud detection are the most important components in today's check processing and omni-channel capture. Learn how OrboAnywhere using OrbNet AI technology reduces costs and mitigates risk.

AI-Based Healthcare Electronification

OrboAccess, powered by OrbNet AI, provides electronification to remits and payments, enabling RCM companies to automate posting, improve research, and deliver business intelligence

About Us

Celebrating 25 years of innovation, OrboGraph has transformed into an AI company delivering targeted automation solutions to the banking and healthcare industries.


From news and events to case studies, trends, and videos, this section provides a range of information resources for payment automation in the banking and healthcare industries.


OrboGraph produces four blog series on a weekly basis covering topics from check processing, fraud prevention, AI technologies, RCM, and healthcare electronification. Select one the blog to the right. We hope you enjoy!

Modernizing Omnichannel Check Fraud Detection

CSAFE Hosts Forensic Handwriting Analysis Webinar

April 14, 2021

The Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence, or CSAFE, hosted a webinar on forensic handwriting analysis on March 11, 2021. OrboGraph was one of hundreds attending the session. The Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) is building a statistically sound and scientifically solid foundation for the analysis and interpretation of forensic evidence, as well as improving quantitative literacy among forensic practitioners, legal professionals and other stakeholders through educational opportunities.

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Scam Alert: Why Posting Your COVID Vaccine Card May Lead to Fraud

April 13, 2021

The good news is this: COVID vaccinations are becoming easier and easier to get for more and more people in the United States. Many states are opening up vaccinations to the general public after early limited availablity, making it possible for anyone to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and (so far) its variants. As more and more people get immunized, we head toward “herd immunity” and — dare we hope? — normal life again. As of mid April, half of all US adults will have been vaccinated.

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FBI List: Top Scams of 2020 – and How to Avoid Them in 2021

April 6, 2021

While it would be nice to hear that the goal pandemic has slowed down scammers much like it has impacted above-board businesses of all kinds, the opposite is unfortunately true. The FBI has seen more complaints over the last year than years prior. As reported at, The FBI’s Internet Crime Report annual release has revealed a shocking scope of online scams in the 2020 version. The FBI logged 791,790 complaints in 2020 — that’s 300,000+ more than in 2019.

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FinCEN Alerts Banks to Pandemic Relief Payment Fraud

March 30, 2021

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) recently issued an advisory to banks that outlined fourteen red flag indicators to be on the lookout for (and report) related to pandemic related economic relief payments. “Advisory on Financial Crimes Targeting COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments” is based on FinCEN’s “analysis of COVID-19-related information obtained from Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) data, public reporting, and law enforcement partners.”

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Checks Are Being Stolen from Postal Service Mailboxes – Should We Be Worried?

March 17, 2021

In the pandemic era, with relief checks being mailed regularly, there is growing concern over the fact that these documents are being transported via fairly low-security boxes on street corners.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that fraudsters have begun to look upon mailboxes as buffet lines for scams: “The thieves have been stealing checks, forging signatures, and amassing personal information from the mail to commit identity theft, according to interviews with victims, Philadelphia police, and postal sources. Of the more than a dozen victims The Inquirer has interviewed, the total funds stolen over the last three months amounts to at least $100,000. Multiple individuals had more than $15,000 stolen. The speed and breadth at which the thieves are compromising the mail, and the lack of any physical damage to the structures, suggests they may have keys to the boxes, law enforcement and postal experts say.”

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Positive Pay With a New Twist?

March 9, 2021

AFS Positive Pay is a new product being rolled out by Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS). The new product looks to advance the capabilities of a traditional positive pay solution by assisting financial institutions (FIs) and enterprise customers examine the changes in payments information to prevent fraud. As reported on PYMNTS: AFS Positive Pay will allow FIs and businesses to monitor payments and receive immediate notices when payment information from vendors, including routing numbers, account information or amounts, doesn’t correctly correspond, the release stated.

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Fraud, AML, and Compliance: $960M Sanctioned Penalties in 2020

March 3, 2021

Lexology recently released their Economic Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Developments: 2020 Year in Review report, examining economic sanctions and anti-money laundering (“AML”) developments and trends in 2020 as well as a look at the year ahead under the new Administration in Washington.

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#OrboZone Fraud Detection is Live!

February 23, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the Fraud Detection section of #OrboZone is now live! Banks and financial institutions have many tools at their disposal for fighting financial crime. The OrboZone is designed to point fraud specialists to high impact resources with an immersive experience. For example, Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning can be applied to detect fraudulent attacks and protect customers funds like never before.

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Millions of Americans Victimized by Unemployment Fraud

February 16, 2021

Here’s a jarring and somewhat novel experience: You go to your mailbox and find IRS Form 1099-G waiting for you — you know, the form you get when you’ve been collecting unemployment. But you haven’t been collecting unemployment… According to NBC News, millions of Americans are receiving 1009-G IRS Tax forms for unemployment benefits for which they never applied — resulting in a conservative estimate of over $36B in losses, with a significant portion from fraud.

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Is Covid Making Fraud & ID Theft Endemic to the US?

February 3, 2021

Digital Transactions took a look at data from credit-reporting agency TransUnion LLC and determined that the shift to digital payment methods brought on by COVID-19 concerns fueled a concurrent rapid rise in fraud and identity theft though those channels. In other words, a pandemic became endemic to fraud.

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