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Check Fraud Roundtable

Discussing detection and prevention tactics and strategies.


What is the Check Fraud Roundtable?

The Check Fraud Roundtable -- hosted by OrboGraph -- is a financial institution-driven series of organized meetings to share experiences, trends, and prevalent fraud use cases, while identifying key technological barriers within check fraud. Each session spotlights a unique topic within check fraud, such as on-us or deposit, and participating banks of all sizes engage in discussions to identify the challenges, explore use cases, and collaborate on solutions.

View the agenda from the previous two sessions below:

If you are not a member, but would like to participate in future Check Fraud Roundtable meetings or access the summaries of previous meetings, please click the button below.

In-Person Check Fraud Roundtable Meeting

Join us on May 22-23, 2023, in Charlotte, NC, for our first, In-Person Check Fraud Roundtable Meeting. 

#OrboIntelligence Check Fraud Resource Hub

Access the latest research, data, and trends from the check fraud industry.

Access Previous Meeting Handouts (Password Protected)


Roundtable Session 1

Click here to access the agenda, summary, and discussion points from the Check Fraud Roundtable: Session 1 - On-Us Check Fraud. 

Find the right technologies to fight fraudsters and protect your customers.

Roundtable Session 2

Click here to access the agenda, summary, and discussion points from the Check Fraud Roundtable: Session 2 - Deposit Check Fraud. 

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In-Person Meeting
May 22-23, 2023
Charlotte, NC

Join us in Charlotte for the first, In-Person Check Fraud Roundtable Meeting!

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