Introducing the Healthcare Payments Educational Video Series

coordination-of-careAs we support our strategic direction in check and healthcare payment automation, OrboGraph is introducing a 12 session video series featuring Former Health and Human Services Secretary and Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson. Gov. Thompson, interviewed by healthcare payments expert, Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates, will discuss a wide range of issues in the healthcare industry including:

  1. Healthcare Industry Status
  2. Impacts of ACA
  3. ACO’s
  4. Patient Payments
  5. HIPAA
  6. ICD-10
  7. Challenges in the industry of healthcare payments
  8. Bottom Line impact
  9. Practice Management systems
  10. Role of banks
  11. Advice to banks
  12. Paper to electronic

OrboGraph, processing billions of checks and claims annually, is targeting the following organizations as viewers who will see value to this series: service bureaus, clearinghouses, billers, practice management systems, healthcare providers and financial institutions.

In the first Q&A interview, Gov. Thompson talks about the state of the healthcare industry, summarizing what’s right and what’s wrong. Relating to the changes required with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many of the rules and regulations are assembled by administrators and bureaucrats of HHS.

Gov. Thompson, always a proponent of innovation, recommends vendors and independent industry experts to drive new technology in health services and payment automation. Many of these advancements are the initial steps in reducing costs, breaking silos and achieving an integrated practice. Gov. Thompson believes a better system for all parties involved will be the result if managed properly.

We will be kicking off our video series with a spotlight on HFMA’s monthly video by their President and CEO, Joe Fifer. Visit our website to view the first video in the series and stay tuned for more soon to come!

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