Revenue Cycle in a Value-Based, ACA World: 3 Must-Have Change Management Strategies

We often find ourselves immersed in tech-speak when discussing ways to improve revenue cycle Who’s Winning in this New Era of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management? Consultants…management in the age of the ACA and resultant changes in the status quo. There’s no doubt that we have to stay on the cutting edge, but is that all there is to maintaining positive results?

Kyle Murphy of Top Tier Consulting reminds us that it’s people that drive the engine of RCM success — organizations need to remind themselves regularly that everyone has to be on the same page in order to deliver the results required in today’s highly competitive and fluid healthcare environment.

Imperative moves you must make include:

  • Assign an alignment and integration officer to drive organizational change, building strategies into the revenue cycle.
  • Build your adaptations across functions and units. For example, consider all of your workflows and relationships across the value chain.
  • Build change into the goals of everyone, to measure and communicate expectations and hold everyone accountable.

Ms. Murphy’s three change management strategies make for vital reading at RevCycle Intelligence. Is your organization taking these principles to heart?

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