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Business Partners - Check

Intelligent Payment Automation across the Omnichannel Where Check Payments are Processed

Check Processing Solutions

OrboGraph delivers our check and payment business partners with the most innovative technologies to automate, validate and prevent fraud for paper-originated negotiable instruments; or more simply said, checks, money orders, drafts and internal documents.  Our solution suite has evolved over years into the OrboAnywhere offering, which is a highly flexible solution which can be deployed in any workflow across the Omnichannel.  Examples of workflows and applications include:


  • Centralized and regional processing
  • Branch image capture
  • Teller image capture
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Mobile remote deposit capture
  • Remittance/lockbox
  • Real-time, Day 1 or Day 2 fraud prevention
  • Positive pay deployments
  • ATM image capture
  • ATM deposit processing (centralized)
  • Vault deposit processing
  • Point of sale capture
  • Self service kiosk capture
  • Data extraction of payee and payer for OFAC compliance
  • Validation of check data for UCC/Reg CC compliance
  • Data extraction of payee and payer for big data systems used for marketing and fraud


Besides flexible deployment options, leading companies in the financial industry team with OrboGraph because we provide:


  • The highest automation and accuracy levels in the industry. This translates into the most cost effective deployments and best overall business case for check capture systems.
  • Systems designed to complement our business partner workflows, so there is typically minimum overlap of OrboAnywhere compared to check capture application functionality.
  • Enhanced end-user experience due to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • A comprehensive business relationship with emphasis on an ease of technical integration, customer support and account management.
  • Guaranteed check processing performance levels.
  • Enhanced services which can include Service Level Agreements.

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