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Covid19 Update

March 20, 2020

Dear clients and partners,


As a direct notification to our clients and partners, we would like to use this communication to summarize the steps OrboGraph has taken to safeguard the key elements of our business including:


  • The health and well-being of our employees
  • Seamless support of OrboGraph software products installed in the field
  • Ongoing account management and marketing operations, supporting the flow of important operational information to the market
  • Continuous operation of OrboGraph automation services, which requires various levels of human operation for data entry, balancing, etc., as well as the infrastructure hosting the systems, which support these operations
  • The compliance and implementation of selective business continuity functions as defined in our disaster recovery planning


Several of the OrboGraph Business Continuity Plan “BCP” activities have already been implemented.


  • Following the principle that distributed systems are always superior to centralized systems, because they don’t entail a single point of failure, OrboGraph U.S.A. and Israel teams have proactively implemented a full, work-from-home policy until further notice to ensure business continuity. By taking this step, OrboGraph has mitigated the risk of the COVID-19 event sweeping across the company. Employees have been instructed to follow social distancing. Note that both teams have secure internet access to critical systems and are working normal business schedules.
  • All support calls for software products continue to be handled through our standard processes in the Client Services department. Call logging continues to be accessible via or 1-888-ORBOGRA.
  • Account management and marketing functions continue to operate as normal for client engagement and market communications. For immediate questions, contact your account manager or
  • Multiple customers have inquired as to the preparedness of any onshore and offshore processing functions. Pandemic planning with our supplier base has been addressed via geographically disperse locations of the operations. In addition, OrboGraph is in continuous communication with its suppliers and remote partners to minimize operational disruption.
  • OrboGraph is monitoring and in compliance of all applicable government guidelines related to COVID-19 requirements. Compliance of business continuity functions is managed by Vice President of Client Services, Chief Compliance Officer, Stewart Levine;


Additional 3rd party links you may find beneficial include:


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  3. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)


We are proactively managing the risks involved with our business and client’s businesses. We will distribute additional updates as the situation evolves. If you have comments, please reach out to us at




Stewart Levine

Vice President of Client Services, Chief Compliance Officer