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eBook: Top 5 Vulnerabilities and Trends in Check Fraud 2023

Ask anyone in the banking space and they will tell you - check fraud is back and is surging. The last benchmark of 2018 showed estimates of $15B in fraud attempts, translating into $1.3B in losses. Most experts and financial institutions agree that attempts are up 300%+ from pre-pandemic levels.

Many experts point to the launch of EMV Chips in 2014-2015 as the start of the reemergence of check fraud. Check fraud has since proliferated with the adoption of mRDC and ATM as deposit channels and exacerbated during the COVID pandemic with millions of stimulus checks being sent.

Simply put: checks were a focus for fraudsters, as checks were considered more vulnerable than other payments.

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ebook top 5 vulnerabilities and trends for check fraud in 2023
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