Is the Honeymoon Over for Fintech?

René Lacerate, chief executive and founder of, writes in a posting at American Banker that the glory days for fintech (financial technology) may be in the past. And just when we thought it was heating up!

Lacerate says new fintech investments are tapering off as the broader funding market cools; also, banks are coming around and “starting to get the hang of digital innovation.”

His advice?

To survive the down market will require upstarts to take a long, hard look at their business models and make key investments in these three areas: regulatory compliance, bank partnerships and excellent customer experiences.

Excellent advice, and, as it turns out, OrboGraph follows this path for every innovation we introduce to the market. Sure, we’ve been around for 20 years, so we’re not a startup, but about every 5 years we introduce an innovation to the market which has major impact. We focus on regulatory compliance as a part of our business partnership strategies.

In healthcare, our HPAC solution is fully HIPAA compliant, and in payments and check processing, we identify customer confidentiality and security as main points of emphasis for banks and our business partners. Our recent webinar highlights the ways OrboAnywhere addresses compliance in RDC.

What would we do without compliance, anyway???

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