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The Medical Lockbox of the Future

Delivering Integrated Receivables

For many years, medical lockboxes served as a necessary part of the receivables process for RCM companies, but new improvements in technology transforms the process into a high-valued, innovative platform providing healthcare payments professionals with the ability to handle a myriad of payments and remits efficiently while facilitating automated, straight-through processing (STP) and payment posting across all areas.

The Medical Lockbox of the Future: Delivering Integrated Receivables provides a vision for RCM companies to drive innovation in the area of medical lockbox processing, using technologies like AI and Deep Learning.

Topics include:

  • Current state of medical lockbox processing
  • Payment mix diversification
  • Integrated receivables for healthcare payments
  • A vision for the future: 11 major improvements
  • Lending based on medical receivables

The potential to enhance your medical lockbox process to become more dynamic, innovative and a key driver in your company’s future success is waiting to be unlocked.

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