ORBY Awards

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

We are pleased to announce the 2013 Hall of Fame inductees who have helped to shape the development and growth of OrboGraph.

“Innovation in development, sales and product strategy drive market evolution. This year’s Hall of Fame inductees personified these achievements and accelerated adoption and revenues in the check and healthcare payments marketplace. We’d like to thank these industry professionals in a formal way for contributing not only to OrboGraph’s success, but to the greater advancement of check and healthcare payments processing,” stated Barry Cohen, Co-President at OrboGraph.

We welcome them to the OrboGraph Hall of Fame and thank them as recipients of the ORBY Awards!

Founding Partner Award:
Bob Weirauch
Former CEO of Wausau Financial Systems, Inc.
Innovation Customer of the Year Award
Jack Henry & Associates
(Accepted by Chuck Hendrickson)
New Partner of the Year Award:
(Accepted by Sean Holcomb and Jim Simonsen)
Product Strategy
Jim Casale
ACI Worldwide
(Formerly Aurum Technology & FIS)
Automation for RDC/POS Customer of the Year Award:
CU Wireless
(Accepted by Chris Giles)
Automation Services Customer of the Year Award:
Athena Health
(Accepted by Mike Manna of Orbograph)
orbograph client conference
Aimee Harlow
FIS (Formally AFS)
Jerry Garrett, Jack Henry & Associates
(Accepting on Behalf of Jack Henry: Chuck Hendrickson)
William Maloney
Jack Henry & Associates

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