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Medical Lockbox

78% of Renters Still Pay by Check — And It’s Not Only Renters Writing Checks

November 10, 2022

78% of renters still pay by check Other industries dominated by checks Investments in tech to automate check processing As we noted in a previous blog, checks are NOT going away. In fact, our friends at Alogent reported that of non-cash payment methods, checks accounted for nearly 23% of the total value of payments in…

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A New Era for Medical Lockbox

November 4, 2022

The medical lockbox has existed for decades — with many banks offering this treasury management service to their healthcare clients. Traditionally, medical lockboxes are the consolidation point for paper payments and remittances, where banks process multiple payment types including ERAs, EFTs (ACH), checks, wire transfers, and now virtual cards. However, over the past decade, a…

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Patients Are a Payer — The Cash Pay Revolution

October 20, 2022

In Q2 of 2022, OrboGraph hosted a webinar entitled: Healthcare Revenue Cycle Industry Brief & Opportunity Analysis Webinar. While the focus of the webinar was highlighting M&A activity and opportunities within healthcare — specifically IT and RCM — speaker John Berman of Linchpin Healthcare made a bold statement: Patients are Now a Payer. What Mr.…

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75% of FIs are Still in the Early Experimental Stage of AI Development

October 12, 2022

A post at The Financial Brand by Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand, CEO of the Digital Banking Report, and host of the Banking Transformed podcast, paints a grim picture of AI development and adoption progress in the banking industry. Despite the importance of leveraging data and artificial intelligence for risk management, enhanced operations,…

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RCM Outsourcing Market Analysis: 22% of Rev Cycle Leaders Outsource Outpatient RCM Services

September 30, 2022

A report entitled An Analysis of Outpatient Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing, the result of a collaboration between HFMA and health information technology company XIFIN and reflecting responses from 157 US-based HFMA members, reveals that over one in five revenue cycle leaders handle their own inpatient revenue cycle management (RCM) operations. However, according to a study conducted…

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September 20, 2022

While many industry experts have predicted the demise of checks and subsequent move towards fully digital payments, the reality is that checks are NOT going away anytime soon. In fact, a new PYMNTS report, THE TREASURER’S GUIDE TO AR PAYMENT OPTIMIZATION, reveals that 81% of businesses still pay other firms via paper checks, making it…

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Healthcare M&A Generates $19B in Q2 2022

September 15, 2022

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are common occurrences in the healthcare market. Whether it’s consolidation of healthcare providers/hospitals/systems or synergistic healthcare technology companies advancing their capabilities to improve healthcare, M&A within the industry is seen as a major positive. Over the past decade, we’ve seen what have been dubbed “mega-deals,” including: Microsoft acquiring Nuance for $19B…

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Bank Branches Transformation: “Experience Stores”

September 8, 2022

BAI examines the ongoing transformation of the branch experience: Long before the pandemic hit, many banks were well on their way to rethinking their branches to better accommodate customers’ increased use of digital channels. With the net closure of nearly 3,000 branches in the U.S. last year and a similar pace in the first half of 2022,…

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August 25, 2022

PYMNTS.COM leads with a jarring statistic: At more than $4 trillion, healthcare spending in the United States accounts for nearly 20% of gross domestic product (GDP), a far greater share than other Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECD) countries. There are many reasons for this disparity, but inefficiency and ineffectiveness in purchasing and payments loom large among them. Because…

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News Release: OrboGraph Acquired by Revenue Management Solutions (RMS)

August 16, 2022

Check Fraud and Recognition Solutions Business Will Continue to Run Independently Billerica, MA, August 16, 2022 – OrboGraph, a premier supplier of check processing automation, fraud detection, and healthcare payment electronification, announced today that Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), a provider of automated healthcare payments reconciliation services has acquired OrboGraph. Thompson Street Capital Partners (TSCP), a private…

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