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Explainable AI (XAI): Challenges & How to Overcome Them

July 13, 2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are making a big impact in the banking industry, as their ability to process millions and even billions of transactions in mere seconds is unparalleled. However, the astounding amount of data being processed means it’s not without its pitfalls, particularly when it comes to decision making for complex tasks.…

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Checks Still Hold Significant Share of Money Mobility

July 6, 2022

PYMNTS and Ingo Money have collaborated on The Money Mobility Playbook — an exploration on how Fintechs and FIs can provide clients and customers with optimal money mobility regardless of the type of payment or disbursement they choose to make. One of the many discoveries revealed within is that a considerable amount of payments made…

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Gartner Inc. Predicts $623B Tech Investments in 2022 by Banks and Financial Services Firms

June 29, 2022

In a press release by Gartner, Inc., the company boldly predicts that banks and financial firms will boost their technology products and services investments in 2022 to the tune of $623 billion. Gartner Inc. goes on to identify what they consider the top three tech trends emerging in banking and investment services. Generative artificial intelligence…

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OrboNation Newsletter: Healthcare Payments Edition – June 2022

June 28, 2022

In case you missed it, over the past month, we have published incredible content on our OrboNation Blog and Modernizing RCM with AI. Review the latest OrboNation Newsletter online or via PDF download.

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OrboNation Newsletter: Check Processing Edition – June 2022

June 27, 2022

In case you missed it, over the past month, we have published incredible content on our OrboNation Blog and Modernizing Omnichannel Check Fraud Detection. Review the latest OrboNation Newsletter online or via PDF download.

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AI & Machine Learning Technologies Tackling $1 Trillion in Healthcare Administrative Waste

June 23, 2022

In a recent interview with HealthCare IT News, Brian Robertson, CEO of VisiQuate, discussed the challenge of administrative waste in healthcare, particularly in a time when the healthcare industry is stretched thin for resources and experiencing a labor shortage. In the conversation, Robertson discusses how IT tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and revenue…

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The Competition for Bank Deposits Requires More Than “Rate Ads”

June 22, 2022

Recent aggressive interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, as well as geo-political uncertainties, have combined to create an environment wherein banks will be in high competition to not only gain new customers, but also retain customers — and, more importantly, their deposits. As we are all aware, deposits are crucial for banks in generating…

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Revenue Cycle Leaders Facing Challenges for Second Half of 2022 and Beyond

June 16, 2022

Even before COVID, healthcare financial management was complex and challenging. The new curve-balls being thrown at us by the existence of a pandemic have made it more important than ever to seek and use information gained by others in the industry. Becker’s Healthcare marked the half-way point of 2022 by asking leaders about the biggest…

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Small Banks Reinventing Checking Accounts: Eliminating Overdraft Fees to Keep Up?

June 15, 2022

It’s no secret that bank consumers are not fans of overdraft fees. A number of big banks eliminated overdraft and/or non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees in 2021-22, responding to governmental pressure and competition from neobanks. While this might be welcome news to the consumer, The Financial Brand reports that smaller community banks and credit unions face…

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Nuance, Health Management Academy Launch Artificial Intelligence Collaborative

June 9, 2022

The importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning deployment across healthcare has been discussed throughout the industry for some time now. We’ve seen, for instance, healthcare and technology stakeholders directly address the chair and vice-chair of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office (NAIIO) via a letter asking that healthcare be included in the scope of its work to…

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