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Check Recognition Is Like the Greatest Comeback in Super Bowl History

New_England_Patriots_helmet_rightfaceHow is the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history like check recognition?

If you’re the New England Patriots, Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady, you practiced, trained and, to use their oft-repeated mantra, worked hard…worked ‘expletive’ hard!” They constantly optimize technology and planning, and then execute on the field. That recipe all came together when they were down 28-3. They saw their opportunities, relied on great preparation, and focused on delivering.

Though we suffer far fewer blows to the head (and rarely wear helmets), that’s the OrboGraph story, too. The philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase Envision More. Achieve More. That focus and preparation has evolved into OrboAnywhere. We see our opportunities in further streaming check processing, cutting fraud losses for on-us and deposit fraud, mitigating compliance risk, and breaking down silos for enterprise recognition across the omnichannel. Big banks will probably be first, then the community banks.

Don’t bet against the team that takes preparation and planning seriously! Here we come!

PS.  Join us at our 2017 Client Conference in Atlanta in March.

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