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Check out our reservoir of information related to check recognition and healthcare payment technologies. We frequently update this section with the latest news, trends, and analysis of the banking and healthcare industries.

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Platform Modernization

Both the financial and healthcare industries are undergoing modernization initiatives in check payments and remittance.  See how OrboGraph is using AI, self-learning and deep learning models to drive innovation in these industries to deliver workflow automation.

Healthcare Payments

OrboAccess automates remittance and payment posting as well as enables full research and business intelligence analysis for RCM companies, clearinghouses, billers, and providers.

Check Processing

OrboAnywhere automates paper originated payments (i.e. checks, money orders, drafts) and remittances for balancing and posting while reducing risk and losses in the areas of check fraud, payment negotiability and compliance.

Accuracy Levels Exceed 99.9% for Healthcare Payments and Remittances

Las Vegas, NV, HFMA ANI Conference, June 25, 2018 – OrboGraph, a premier developer and supplier of intelligent electronic/paper automation solutions in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), as well as recognition solutions, image validation and check fraud detection for the U.S. check processing market, announces that the company will be highlighting its AI and Deep Learning technology at the HFMA ANI conference on June 25th and 26th in booth #1249.

Highlighted at the conference will be the following achievements:

  • Successful deployment of AI and Deep Learning within targeted modules of the OrboAccess™ suite hosted on the Healthcare Payments Automation Center™
  • Optimization of the Opti-Lift™ EOB (Explanation of Benefits) processing workflow
  • Breakthroughs in accuracy and automation levels

Deep Learning is an advanced form of machine learning and is built with multiple layers of the neural network. OrboGraph’s Access EOB Conversion, which automates healthcare payment processing via Intelligent Payment Automation technologies, is dramatically enhanced via the integration and deployment of targeted AI and Deep Learning models for EOB processing.

Production levels currently yield 99.9+% accuracy levels per field, dramatically reducing data entry and correction time while improving postability of EDI 835 files. Automation levels reduce manual labor to unprecedented level, while increasing production efficiency, scalability, and consistency.

“We have seen remarkable accuracy from our testing,” stated Avikam Baltsan, Co-President & CTO of OrboGraph. “Dollar amount accuracy averages 99.99% (1 error for every 10,000 amounts), while accuracy for all fields exceeds 99.9% (1 error every 1,000 fields).”

“This is game changing technology,” stated OrboGraph Co-President Barry Cohen. “We are now able to truly realize electronification of payments for healthcare paper remittances using technology over human labor. As hospitals, physician groups and revenue cycle companies look to modernize their platforms, we have created an electronification path for the them.”

OrboGraph was recently featured in the February edition of The TECHNOLOGY HEADLINES as a Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution Providers in 2018.  See article summary.

About OrboGraph 

OrboGraph (, a subsidiary of Orbotech, is a premier developer and supplier of intelligent electronic/paper automation solutions in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), as well as recognition solutions, payment negotiability and check fraud detection for the U.S. check processing market. The company mantra, “intelligent payment automation,” describes how intelligent technologies are applied so payment posting becomes an automated process and information is accessed and analyzed via a variety of business intelligence, analytics and user interface capabilities. Nearly 4,000 financial institutions, service bureaus, clearinghouses and billers rely on OrboGraph technology to process billions of checks, EOBs, correspondence letters and claims annually.

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