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Professional Services

OrboGraph Client Services offers a range of professional services which support the objectives of exceeding recognition performance targets and achieving the highest levels of financial return for our customers. Our ability to support our customers and business partners directly have enabled OrboGraph to attain unprecedented performance levels and provide innovative recognition-centric services.

Our Professional Service Offerings

By combining the expertise of Client Service engineers, integration specialists, support specialists and project managers, OrboGraph can offer the following Professional Services:

iCare - System Optimization Service

Hundreds of financial institutions have utilized OrboGraph for its well known iCare program. On-site iCares provide optimized check recognition results which typically translate into read rate increases of 3-8%. This performance boost, coupled with accuracy tuning, can translate into annual savings of up to $40,000 for every 100,000 images processed. Incremental savings is seen with improved cash letter availability, reduced customer errors, and optimized employee utilization.


OrboGraph iCare services have evolved to apply to the entire suite of OrboGraph products and services. Conducted on-site or remotely through a secure desktop streaming session, an iCare includes:


  • A Client Services engineer reviews and analyzes the current performance of your system
  • Software upgrade (if applicable)
  • “Fine-tuning” of your solution to attain optimal performance
  • A customized iCare report with performance analysis and document design recommendations
  • Additional training for system monitoring, document set-up and optimal document design

Integration Services

Integration engineers visit large clients and system integrators to provide suggestions on how to best utilize OrboGraph software through a robust application program interface (API). This activity enables faster time to market for new releases and beta installations and competitive differentiation.

Additional OrboGraph services include:

  • Project management for large installations
  • Post sale performance audit

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