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Scam Alert: Fraudsters Exploit The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

It's no surprise that a major event -- in this case, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II -- has sparked another new fraud scheme.

According to a report for Yahoo News:

Proofpoint has identified a new phishing scam that aims to steal people's Microsoft login details. The campaign relies on people's sympathy for Queen Elizabeth II, who recently passed. Emails that claim to be from Microsoft solicit people's help to create a fictitious "interactive AI memory board in honor of Her Majesty Elizabeth II."

Clicking on links included in fake emails from the campaign will direct users to a page that's designed to look like a genuine Microsoft website. Instead, it is a credential harvesting page with the sole purpose of gathering people's personal data.

Scammers are known for exploiting major events to steal money. We saw them take full advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, with NBC News reporting estimated fraud losses between $78.1B (Small Business Association report) and $100B (FBI report).

While we cannot stop the fraudsters from exploiting these events, we can help inform the world through the various communications channels and relationships we have developed. #FraudFightersUnited.

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