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17 Winners and 8 Losers Under the ACA – What Do You Think?

A sure method for starting a conversational brushfire at a “civilian” (i.e. non-industry) cocktail party of ACA_Logoother gathering is to begin a discussion on the ACA, or “ObamaCare.”

Recent headlines detailing large insurance companies abandoning the exchanges have added fuel to the anti-ACA rhetoric, but, as folks in the industry know, things are not so cut and dry. 16 to 20 million people gained health insurance coverage, which is nothing to sneeze at, and anyone with a pre-existing condition will likely tell you the ACA is a godsend.

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On the other hand, people who pay “retail” for insurance are frustrated to see their costs rise, and some independent medical practice have buckled beneath the ACA’s rules and regulations.

An article at Becker’s CFO identifies losers – and winners – in the ACA era. And, as the article’s title suggests, there appear to be more entities coming out on the plus side. Their comments section is already getting colorful, with contributors tossing in the coined terms “Brockobama” and “ObamaDon’tCare.”

Probably best to stick to the weather and sports at cocktail parties – – but we’d love to hear your view of the ACA’s impact!  Take this quick 5-question survey and have your name entered to win an OrboDrone!

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