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Digital vs. Traditional: What to Prepare For Special Report:

Source: Special Report: offers valuable insight into consumers’ adoption of digital interaction with their financial institutions via a document entitled “Digital Banking and Analytics: Enhancing Customer Experience and Efficiency.”

The downloadable PDF provides great information about current and future use of digital interactive technology among bank customers, as well as a cogent overview of future expectations that the industry should be aware of going forward.

Highlights from the report include:

  • 40% of respondents use online banking at least five times a month
  • 22% use mobile banking at least five times a month
  • 22% percent are still planning to introduce RDC to mobile banking
  • Nearly two-thirds (66%) of consumers say that personal financial management tools are important
  • Only 18% prefer digital/online for resolving an issue with an account
  • More than 40% of respondents feel neutral, dissatisfied, or extremely dissatisfied with mobile banking!

The proliferation of technology and growing consumer engagement with
all things digital are changing many aspects of customer behavior, from product research to buying patterns to banking. Consumer expectations are growing, too: consumers now expect a seamless, high-quality experience across all digital channels, including online and mobile.

The report is both a positive reinforcement toward digital, as well as a validation that branches are still relevant. OrboGraph will continue to automate the processes through both digital and traditional channels enabling a consistent experience for retail and treasury clients.

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