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FAQ from ECCHO – a Wealth of Information

ECCHOJoining the ECCHO 2013 Operations Committee meetings in Dallas was a luxury to a vendor like Orbograph. The level of details which are covered related to topics such as check clearing, check processing and deposits is not only a testament to the commitment of the organization to excellence, but explains rules and concepts which are seldom exposed within the walls of software vendors. Examples of detailed analysis and discussion topics which are invaluable include:

  • Efficiency discussion related to streamlining the return processing
  • Risk mitigation concerns over MICR Lines, remote deposit capture and endorsements
  • Implications of Rule 8 and 9

Phyllis Meyerson is the master of this domain, managing the conference and how the information is debated. Her knowledge is based both on depth and breadth, as she is able to find compromise on nearly any scenario you can imagine.

An amazing resource recently made available to the industry is the FAQ from ECCHO. You have to check out this wide range of questions which have been accumulated over time. From a software development perspective, this FAQ is a fantastic resource to confirm software functionality, identify requirements, flush out downstream implications and reinforce business cases.

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