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Gregory Breaks OrboGraph Record with 196 Slides in 60 Minutes

Joe Gregory en route to destiny.

It was an hour of power…a happy hour…the eleventh hour.

Whatever you want to call it, we covered a lot of ground during our webinar: Revisiting the 2017 OrboGraph Client Conference.

Last week Friday, Joe J. Gregory of OrboGraph hosted the recap webinar from its 2017 Client Conference. The webinar covered every outside speaker session and breakout session from our “world class” two-day event. The theme was of an informational nature, focusing on the messages presented by the 9 industry speakers which drove both strategic and tactic content throughout the conference agenda.  See conference summary here.

Also, hot off the conference, we have created 6 additional webinars which are occurring on a weekly basis.  Check them out here. All are industry speakers who really know their stuff!

As for the new OrboGraph record, we are not sure if doing 196 slides in 60 minutes is really a great achievement — but if we were to put it in traditional OrboGraph “DPM” or documents per minute nomenclature, that’s 3.26 slides per minute or 1 every 18 seconds. If every slide averaged 5 lines of 7 words (35 words per slide), that’s 1 word every .5 seconds.  Not bad throughput! All we need now is a faster processor!

In case you missed it, watch recording here.

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