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If you Missed Valentine's Day, Don't Bother with Flowers

If you Missed Valentine's Day, Don't Bother with FlowersI know this is a few days late, but CrossCheck’s recent post titled, “Valentine’s Day Payment Processing Equals Sweet Business“, has got to be the cutest blog post I’ve ever read.

Perhaps men can reflect on how we treated our “sweeties” on Valentine’s Day and compare it to the industry numbers… kind of like comparing to benchmark studies! For example, “60.3% of men will buy flowers, but only 36.9% of women even want them!” Ouch! Good thing I didn’t buy flowers this year!

Meanwhile, CNN put out their own report on Valentine Spending. Were you aware that the per person average estimated amount that people will spend on Valentine’s Day is $130.97? Wow, again missed the mark. I must be cheap.

Anyways, an interesting link in the CrossCheck blog post was the link to the 2013 FED payments Study. Now that’s good reading for us payment and check geeks. “Check it out!” and if you missed Valentine’s Day, don’t buy flowers…

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