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Let the Fireworks Begin: The State of Image Capture Technologies

Let the Fireworks BeginVijay Balakrishnan led a spirited webinar, hosted by Orbograph, addressing The State of Image Capture Technologies.

It’s always interesting to take a retroactive look at what the vision was 5 years ago, and compare that to where we are today. In Vijay’s presentation, he looked at how the vision of distributed capture overall has been realized. But there are areas where the full potential has not fully been achieved. Take for example:

  • Full business account adoption of RDC
  • Full achievement of straight-through-processing
  • Field performance of various recognition products
  • Full adoption of teller image capture and the transformation of tellers into sellers
  • Day 0 fraud prevention

The great news is that with these final challenges come solutions. Orbograph for one, is highly focused on achieving the straight-through-processing model via our Next Generation Recognition (NGR) technologies. For example, using V100 (Virtual 100) mode, recognition software can now ready all checks in retail deposits!

As we look out over the horizon to watch the fireworks this week, we see many new potential payment options in the mobile realm along with new innovations in scanning technologies from hardware vendors. Combining these improvements with new automation technologies, we are on the cusp of fully realizing the dreams of straight-through-processing.

To watch the video of Vijay’s presentation, click here.

To download the presentation, click here.

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