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The Readability Challenge: New Software Breakthroughs Virtually Eliminate Exceptions

One of the biggest hurdles in maintaining self-serve devices — ATMs, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), and kiosks, to name a few  — is ensuring that any negotiable item is converted and deposited correctly. Money orders are often the worst offenders, but there are still many checks with poor dropout features. Additionally, low-end scanners are more prone to poor images and MICR rejects due to cheaper imaging components.

When an image is created which is unreadable or customers mis-key amount values, downstream verification processes can no longer automatically confirm correct transactions, and exception processes have problems confirming unintelligible numbers and data on the item.

The result: exorbitant exception handling costs and high risk on the item!

Digital Check has a very unique way to eliminate poor images and solve this ongoing problem, which is growing due to the market penetration of self service devices. Clear Inline is amazing tech. If you watch a demo, it works like magic. Start with an image that you can’t even read — that, frankly, looks terrible — and in the next second you experience readability bliss.

Couple this functionality on negotiable items with OrboAnywhere, our new multi-channel, real-time image validation solution being announced today at BAI Payments Connect in San Diego, and the real magic happens — automation of virtually all unprocessed and unreadable images captured across the Omnichannel of a financial institution.

Link to Press Release. Read more about Clear Inline here.

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