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Virtual Experiences: The Matrix vs. #OrboZone

Have you seen the new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections -- in theaters and HBO on December 22, 2021? Watch it again below.

The Matrix film franchise (see Wikipedia page) has many interesting characters, including Morpheus, who said:

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself."

- Morpheus (The Matrix, 1999)

We couldn't agree more, Morpheus!

"The Matrix" itself is a virtual simulation of the world created by the Machines -- powered by highly developed Artificial Intelligence that appears to have reached "the singularity" (the event where the AIs in our lives either become self aware, or reach an ability for continuous improvement so powerful that it will evolve beyond our control).

In many ways, we've created OrboGraph's own version of the Matrix called the #OrboZone!

OK, so maybe that's a little bit of a stretch -- but nonetheless, it is an experience one can think of "parallel virtual universes."

The Virtual Experience

The Matrix

The biggest commonality between the Matrix and the #OrboZone is that they both provide a virtual experience. The Matrix creates a virtual simulation of what is perceived as the real world, and humans are able to plug in via a cord inserted into the back of the head, transferring their consciousness into the simulation. Once a person is plugged into the Matrix, they are able to experience different things from the simple pleasures of eating to being "super human" and jumping across large gaps (successfully or unsuccessfully)! Check out the scenes below:


The #OrboZone offers a different virtual experience! First off -- and, perhaps, most importantly -- you don't need a cord shoved into the back of your head to have the experience. All you need is internet connection and the experience can begin. You are able to navigate to exciting topics that include AI & Deep Learning, GPU, Fraud, Banking & Payments, and Healthcare. Each section contains content that will stimulate your senses through visuals, music, videos, and even games to test your reaction skills! Check out a few examples below:

Example video from #OrboZone GPU

tesla gif

Example visual from #OrboZone AI & Deep Learning

Example Images on the #OrboZone

Game from #OrboZone

Click here to download on Google Play

Key Differences Between The Matrix and #OrboZone

While both The Matrix and #OrboZone offer truly unique virtual experiences, there are several key differences. For example, aside from "hardware requirements," you can't die in the #OrboZone. We have tested this this and it is impossible.

Another key difference between the two experiences: you don't need to a telephone to exit the #OrboZone...but you can take it with you on your mobile device!

phone matrix

We hoped you enjoyed diving into this content as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Be on the lookout for the next special edition blog where we will take a deeper look at the Artificial Intelligence in The Matrix!

To experience the OrboZone yourself, start you immersive experience here!

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