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Who Makes Sure Mobile RDC Really Works? It’s Orbotech!

Who Makes Sure Mobile RDC Really Works? It's OrbotechAs Orbotech, OrboGraph’s parent company, announces its Q2 2013 earnings report, we thought it might be a good time to point out that pretty much all of the Smartphones on the market go through a quality assurance processing using Orbotech’s latest generation of automated optical inspection and array tester models within the fabrication of mobile devices and large screen televisions. For 30+ years, Orbotech has enabled electronic manufacturers to achieve increased yields and throughput in the production process of electronics using: automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for bare printed circuit boards (PCBs), flat panel displays (FPDs) and automated optical inspection (AOI).

This focus toward quality assurance, detection of defects and repairing the exceptions has many parallels in banking as well as in the RDC market when you think about processing of deposited checks, IQA within image exchange and fraud detection using image analysis and data analytics. We’ve taken this quality orientation and applied it to the check world by:

  • Automating the deposit process with Next Generation Recognition (NGR) technologies which basically provide 100% automation
  • Detecting images which do not meet the requirements of a financial institution from a quality or usability standpoint
  • Identifying fraudulent items, either real-time or in batch, so FI’s can return items within a pre-defined window
  • Applying lean sigma concepts to all workflows of check processing with our Managed Recognition services

So although you might not have associated OrboGraph with mobile and RDC, we do have our role in the process. It’s making sure the Smartphones are manufactured properly and helping with back-end recognition, IQA and fraud prevention. Unfortunately, you won’t see an OrboGraph branded Smartphone on the market anytime soon!

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