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Check the Check Before Posting the Check into Checking

Check the Check Before Posting the Check into CheckingQuestion: As check processing operations transition from centralized to distributed capture, what are the implications to image quality assurance, image usability, and image integrity?

Answer: A majority of banks are now capturing check images (branch, teller or remote deposit capture) outside of their central operations. This shift in processing location introduces an interesting trade-off to the process of capturing check images. On the one hand, less costly scanners are typically not the same high quality of high speed sorters. However, IQA software is now easily deployed, so that defective images can be identified immediately upon capture. This truly adds value to the process by reducing the number of downstream adjustments and rescans. Not only that, financial institutions can actually implement better image usability logic to ensure all items are readable.

Ensuring “usable” images through the processing workflow will address the quality and warranty requirements of your image exchange partners and Check 21 (substitute checks) by minimizing non-compliant images (NCIs). The risk of a GLBA violation due to customer data being shared with other customers can produce fines and/or negative publicity and reducing exposure. Additionally, better quality images improve the banking experience for bank patrons with improved levels of customer service through online banking and image statements.

But not all image quality (IQA) and image usability (IUA) and image integrity (II) software is the same. Many organizations who have adopted low cost IQA at the point of presentment are doing “just the basics” and missing many defects. Since many financial institutions are now implementing teller capture, why not actually use a more robust solution at the capture point to ensure superior image quality and usability rather than just doing a marginal test?

As we continue to hear complaints about image mismatches and imperfect processing, our recommendation: follow through to check (use strong IQA, IUA, II) those checks (the debits that are coming over the counter and through RDC) before posting!


  1. Russell Smith on June 15, 2022 at 2:43 pm

    Interested in hearing about how this product interfaces with high speed scanners.


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