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RDC Summit Rocks the World of Remote Deposit Capture

RDC Summit Rocks the World of Remote Deposit CaptureAs a first time visitor to the RDC Summit, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. Here was a targeted conference focusing on an offshoot of check processing, which many parties in the industry regard as being under-adopted. However, just the fact that an independent conference attracted over 300 attendees illustrates there is a continued interest across the board to take RDC to the next level. Additionally, the major shift in consumer and small business behavior in Mobile banking and Mobile RDC truly made this conference a winner!

The RDC market actually has many tremendous success stories. Large financial institutions (FI) have spent $1M+, on vendor solutions to deliver this functionality which services thousands of corporate customers at each FI. And now, Mobile RDC is being presented like a rock star. Not only are the commercials impressive, but banks are moving quickly to implement in a way which reconfirms mobile is H-O-T!

The sessions and tracks were incredibly informative. The session on RDC & Healthcare was quite relevant as the speakers discussed how a simple RDC deliverable does not meet the requirements of a healthcare provider as it doesn’t account for the claims and EOB forms that accompany checks.

The most encouraging part of this conference was the level of excitement in RDC “check processing”. It reminded me of the good times in the early 2000’s where banks were buying imaging systems at a fast pace and all item processing vendors were all making money. Perhaps it’s a bit tempered compared to ten years ago, but it was very refreshing to see innovations coming quickly to this field.

Kudos to John Leekley and team and good luck to Ed McLaughlin on his new career path.

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