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Today’s “One-Shot” Customer Service Opportunity in the Bank Branch

Today’s “One-Shot” Customer Service Opportunity in the Bank Branch With more and more retail and commercial customers utilizing online and mobile banking technology for deposits, transfers and person-to-person (P2P) activities, fewer customers are making their way into retail branches. While these advances are great as an added convenience, is does create a problem for the banking industry, particularly financial institutions promoting “personal/local banking”. Without customers interacting one-on-one with tellers and personal bankers, there is a missed opportunity on confirming customer satisfaction and up-selling other financial products. For this reason, it is vital that financial institutions capitalize on every customer that walks through the door.

Sell the human side of technology

Although many of the younger generation prefer interaction via text, IM, social media or email, a large customer base still places a premium on relationship. This human side can encourage a positive banking experience and support efforts to “lock in” customer satisfaction levels.  

But even baby boomers like cool technology. By building an easily understandable “use case” for new technology products, the financial institution can drive incremental revenues and grow margins on DDA accounts. When cross selling bank technologies to a non-technical user, one must be able to explain the benefits in simple terms. There are also benefits in highlighting how the financial institution is “leading edge” with internal technologies. A few examples could be:

  1. Highlight teller/branch automation : i.e. CAR/LAR benefits of teller image capture and/or back-counter image capture
  2. Personal experience of the teller:  i.e. I started using new on-line banking features to pay bills and saved 4 trips to the post office this week
  3. Referral stories:  i.e. Teller’s parents tried out the mobile RDC for the first time, just like that commercial on TV. They were very excited to see it work right from their phone. You should try it someday.
  4. Demos: Incorporate videos and/or demonstrations in the branch

By incorporating these customer communication techniques, FI branches will be able to reinforce bank branding and impress customers on technology implementations while still providing a strong interaction. Lastly, it gives the branch “one shot” at convincing a customer to stay who has seen a new financial gizmo, gadget or capability on TV. Don’t miss out on this one opportunity!

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