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Advice to Banks Seeking to Introduce Medical Banking Services to Healthcare Providers

Video #11 in the Healthcare Payments Educational Video Series

About this Video

Former Health and Human Services Secretary and Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson is interviewed by healthcare payments expert, Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates in Q&A Session #11.

Gov. Thompson believes financial institutions, including all banks, can add value to the revenue cycle process. Banks can be a supportive member of an integrated system for healthcare providers.

One line of solutions besides providing a loan function is to offer a medical lockbox. By routing patient payments and insurance payments to the bank processing location, banks can balance this information on behalf of the healthcare provider.

Benefits include:

  • Accelerate funds availability
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Provide you with greater visibility and control of payments
  • Enhance service to providers and patients
  • Streamline the entire payments process from start to finish

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