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Modernizing RCM with AI

Coronavirus Impact on Revenue of Rural Hospitals

May 11, 2020

While the “Hot Spots” of the Novel Coronavirus dominate mainstream media — many of these locations being densely populated cities and urban communities — it is important to shine a light on the how rural hospitals are being impacted. These rural hospitals and healthcare providers are still feeling the impact as resources are less abundant…

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Healthcare Factoring vs. Business A/R Financing & Implications with COVID-19

May 4, 2020

COVID-19 has forced many hospitals and health systems to stop the elective procedures that make up the lion’s share of their revenue. This of course, has led to wide-spread short-term cash flow issues.

As their leadership seeks new ways to navigate cash flow challenges brought on by the pandemic, innovative organizations have stepped forward to offer new takes on traditional financial solutions. Collateral Velocity is a pioneering example, launching new, low-cost alternatives that give cash-strapped providers low-cost options in accelerating revenues.

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Complexity Delays AI Convergence with Data Analytics: HIMSS Report

April 21, 2020

As healthcare organizations are learning how to best deploy AI solutions, many have struggled to mature, particularly around using AI scores in analytics. Why? Complexity of projects! Yet, the market is hungry for solutions.

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Change Healthcare Predicts Exponential Impact of Rev Cycle AI

April 10, 2020

The hospital revenue cycle is facing unprecedented shifts on multiple fronts, and this Change Healthcare podcast episode with Thomas Laur, EVP and president of the company’s Technology Enabled Services business provides high level, forward-looking insight for vendors in the RCM space. It is especially useful to any revenue cycle servicer interested in looking past superficial…

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Healthcare Innovations – Beyond the United States

April 7, 2020

Introduction to the Nashville Health Care Council (NHCC) NHCC 13th International Health Care Mission to Israel Israel Making Its Mark on Healthcare Innovations Established in 1995, the Nashville Health Care Council is a premier membership association, convening the industry’s top minds and providing a foundation for collaboration in health care for more than 20 years.…

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RCM: The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

March 31, 2020

The unsung heroes of healthcare: back office RCM What are the effects of coronavirus on RCM? Outlook for the near future While the world is adjusting to life under self-quarantine to flatten the curve of the COVID-19, the heroes of healthcare are those providing treatment in the field. Doctors, nurses, volunteers, ambulance drivers, just to…

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Optum Report: Revamping HC Administration with AI

March 25, 2020

One of the primary topics scheduled to be covered at this year’s HIMSS20 was — no surprise – the use of Artificial Intelligence in modern healthcare administration. However, the “surprise” came a week ago when HIMSS20 was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic — a wise move given the emerging nature of this worldwide medical…

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HFMA RoundTable: Improving the Revenue Cycle Through Operational Transformation

March 23, 2020

HFMA has stepped forward in partnership with Change Healthcare with a look at the opinions and actions of some of the most forward-thinking voices in the field. This roundtable interview with leaders in revenue cycle and technology provides invaluable insight for revenue cycle servicers, who are now facing mounting challenges of increasing paper-volumes, and a need for modern, end-to-end revenue cycle processes.

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