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Role of Banks in Automating Healthcare Payments

Video #10 in the Healthcare Payments Educational Video Series

About this Video

Former Health and Human Services Secretary and Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson is interviewed by healthcare payments expert, Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates in Q&A Session #10.

Gov. Thompson talks about the role of banks in automating healthcare payments. Healthcare expenditures are 20% of the GDP, so banks should want to lead the industry in order to maximize the revenue opportunities.

Both large and small banks can help with an overall solution as an integrated platform to faciliate payments. Besides facilitating current payments via lockbox services, additional services could include financing receivables or providing new types of loans to healthcare providers.

The Medical Banking Project, lead originally by John Casillas, now through HIMSS, illustrates how medical banking adds value to the revenue cycle of healthcare providers. For additional information on medical banking, see:

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