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2015 Top 5 Payment Trends Are Actually Happening …

crystalWhat were the top five payment trends according to BAI Payments Connect 2015 Publication?

  1. Mobile payment momentum
  2. Convergence and standardization of next-generation payment market infrastructures
  3. Capitalizing on cryptocurrencies
  4. Digital and omnichannel optimization
  5. Focus on fraud and risk

OrboAnywhere™ influences four of the top five because:

  • Omnichannel’s omnipayment and paper-originated items are strong across the banking channels
  • Reduces losses in on-us and deposit fraud while addressing compliance and regulatory risk of the bank’s customers
  • Expands mobile momentum by improving immediate deposit validation
  • Delivers real-time validation feeding high-speed check clearing rails

Diversity in the payment world drives innovation to make all payments faster, cheaper, and safer. Cheers to the new electronic transactions, and the “traditional” as well…

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