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Embracing the OMNICHANNEL: Banks Break Free From Legacy Systems

Before “Multi-channel” become Omnichannel, the goal was to provide multiple ways to interact with a bank and your accounts. For quite a while, the ability to check balances and make deposits by any means other than walking into a bank lobby – using a web site, ATM machine, smart phone, etc. – was novelty enough.

Today, however, the consumer expects an absolutely consistent and seamless experience across all platforms. They are not so tolerant of interfaces and functions that don’t relate across all deposit, withdrawal, and account information-dispensing touchpoints.

In a world where, for instance, you can begin listening to your Spotify playlist on your iPhone earbuds in your car on the way to work, then continue listening in your office on a desktop machine without skipping a beat or missing the guitar solo, the bar is pretty high for seamless transitions between devices!

This is the Omnichannel, and it’s where the bar is currently set for customer experiences in entertainment, retail, and financial services. A startling percentage of bank customers, for instance, begin a transaction on a desktop device only to complete their business later on a smart phone. They have very little patience for “bumps in the road” caused by legacy systems struggling to keep up with expanding channels.

Unfortunately, early development of multi-channel banking experiences involved “bolt-on” technology that more often than not proved clunky and inconsistent. That’s not to mention the fact that there was no system-wide way to intelligently offer and upsell specific banking services based on specific consumer activity across every platform.

“As banks have seen a decline in branch traffic, self-service technology is experiencing major growth,” explains Joe Gregory, OrboGraph VP of marketing. “In order to maximize consumer and corporate adoption, self service channels need better tools to provide a consistent client experience. This experience is driven by how the system performs as well as the overall automation success rate.”

OrboGraph OrboAnywhere™ technology is designed to optimize the Omnichannel experience while offering matchless real-time image validation, providing a consistent client experience across all platforms.  Each platform – ATM’s, mobile, Point-of-Sale, etc. – present a specific set of challenges that OrboAnywhere is purpose-built to tackle.

Ready to embrace the Omnichannel and reap the benefits? Get more information about OrboAnywhere here.  Official solution roll out in March at BAI Payments Connect and ECCHO…

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