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The Growing Value Proposition Around Mobile Deposit

Our friends at completed a new poll on mobile RDC and found that among those participating in their survey, 28% put the value of mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) at up to $1.00 per transaction, and just 3% said using mRDC is of no value to them.

Contrast that result with the results from the same question when asked in February 2015: only 17% were willing to put the value at up to $1.00 per transaction.

Can we extrapolate from the numbers that mobile deposit is becoming more and more valuable?

“The poll this month shows that the perceived value of mobile deposit is significant and growing,” said John Leekley, Founder and CEO of “Financial institutions that do not see RDC as a revenue-producing opportunity may wish to rethink that position.”

See full poll results here.

The interesting dichotomy in the market for this kind of value proposition is that the market splits; larger banks may try to charge for value-based capabilities, while community banks and credit unions offer the service as part of their checking service. We’ll see how the market continues to evolve…but as for me, I like my free mobile RDC with my financial institution! 🙂

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