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HIMSS19: The Year of Artificial Intelligence

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This year’s education schedule at the HIMSS Conference, held this week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, is awash in AI-related material, notes HealthCare Innovation in a post this week.

To name a few:

Session MLAI03, “Keynote: Synergies Between Man and Machine”; Session MLAI04, “State of the Industry: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”; Session PTS07, “Smarter Care: The AI-Driven Patient Experience”; Session MLAI06, “AI and Imaging: Your Data as a Strategic Asset”; Session MLAI11, “How AI Enabled a Community Hospital to Tackle Clinical Variation and Reduce Length-of-Stay”; Session MLAI07, “Blockchain & AI: Stronger Together”; Session MLAI19, “Integrating an End-to-End AI Solution into Clinical Workflow”; Session MLAI15, “Using AI and NLP to Alleviate Physician Burnout”; Session RCSS16, “AI, Workforce Development, and Other Key Takeaways”; Session PH01, “Artificial Intelligence & Telemedicine”; Session ISED01, “Artificial Intelligence—A Solution for Interoperability?”; Session IL42, “AI + Neurotechnology Attacking Chronic Pain Crisis”; Session 22, “Ethics of AI in Healthcare: Developing the Right Framework for Innovative Clinical Delivery”; Session IL07, “The Role of AI in the (Near) Future of Healthcare”; Session IL09, “Streamline Analytics with AI & Machine Learning”; Session 54, “Artificial Intelligence vs. COPD: The Fight for Patient Health”; Session LS12, “Using AI to Manage Clinical Variation”; Session PH13, “Patient Journey Digitalization Using IT and AI”; and Session IH54, “Predictive Clinical Surveillance with AI.”

And yes, there are many more…

The article’s author, Mark Hagland, noted:

Speaking regularly with industry leaders, I find this moment around AI/machine learning to be quite fascinating: even as the actual, practical execution of the use of AI/machine learning is just taking off right now in patient care organizations in the U.S., interest in the topic is absolutely exploding now. And that’s for good reason: the potential here is huge, and AI/machine learning will absolutely be needed in order to limn the potential for analysis-facilitated continuous performance improvement in patient care organizations.

Hagland goes on to mention many of the points we’ve made here previously: Now is definitely the time to make serious technological and human-resource investments in the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning arenas. However, we are still early enough in the “revolution” that the industry need not panic — a measured approach of Platform Modernization is still possible!

The Platform Modernization strategy — leveraging and integrating technologies and assimilating into one central platform — is OrboGraph’s direction in our ongoing quest to increase efficiency and lower costs for the healthcare industry. See how we are achieving these lofty goals at our 2019 Healthcare and Check Payment Technology Conference on May 20-21, 2019, in Charlotte, NC!

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