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Next 5 years in AI: Big Investment, Big Returns, Survey Says

Via Becker’s Hospital ReviewOptumIQ Annual Survey on AI in Health Care reveals that, over the next five years, a healthcare organization will invest an average of $32.4 million on artificial intelligence.

According to Optum:

The inaugural OptumIQ Annual Survey on AI in Health Care indicates a tipping point in the adoption of AI in the industry, estimating an average investment of $32.4 million per organization over the next five years. Also among the survey’s findings:

  • Health care leaders universally agree the greatest impact of AI investment will be on improving health care. Thirty-six percent expect AI will improve the patient experience; 33 percent anticipate AI will decrease per-capita cost of care; and 31 percent believe AI will improve health outcomes.

  • Most health care leaders believe AI can make care more affordable and accessible. Ninety-four percent of respondents agree that AI technology is the most reliable path toward equitable, accessible and affordable health care.

  • A positive ROI could be seen in as soon as four years. Employers (38 percent) and health plans (20 percent) expect ROI sooner – in three years or less – while hospital executives expect a longer wait of four to five years.

  • Many have plans, but progress is mixed across sectors. Three-quarters (75 percent) of health care organizations are actively implementing or have plans to execute an AI strategy. Forty-two percent of those organizations have a strategy but have not yet implemented it. Employers are furthest along, with 22 percent reporting their AI implementations are at a late stage, with nearly full deployment.

  • AI will make care more precise and faster. The top two benefits respondents expect to see from incorporating AI into their organizations are more accurate diagnosis and increased efficiency.

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