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OrboNation Newsletter: Healthcare Payments Edition – March 2022

All-Star Speaker Line Up for Upcoming Revenue Cycle Industry Brief & Opportunity Analysis Webinar

OrboGraph is pleased to announce the All-Star Speaker lineup for our upcoming Healthcare Revenue Cycle Industry Brief & Opportunity Analysis Webinar!

These three leading experts from Citizens Bank M&A Group, the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), and Linchpin Healthcare will address ways in which the healthcare revenue cycle management market is providing opportunities for growth, transaction savings, as well as efficiency improvements.

Justin Bentley, Managing Director – M&A and Head of Healthcare Technology, Citizens Bank

Kristine Burnaska, Director, CAQH Explorations

Josh Berman, Founder, Linchpin Healthcare

Retaining Patients: Successful Tech Needed in New Era of Pricing and Payments

"Patient as consumer" is by no means a new concept; however, it seems that a great many health systems are having a hard time grasping the concept in terms of engagement, according to a discussion posted on

“Health systems will tell you they’ve been financing patients for a long time,” CareCredit Senior Vice President and General Manager of Health Systems Shannon Burke told PYMNTS.

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Revenue Cycle Management 2.0: Key to Successful Healthcare Finance

Healthcare Tech Finance reduced

Healthcare Economics doesn't beat around the bush: the first line of their Revenue Cycle Management 2.0 story states clearly: It has never been more important for those in healthcare to manage their revenues effectively. This has, in turn, put greater emphasis...

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Identifying the Right Tech: RPA Use Cases for the Revenue Cycle

One of the many barriers the pandemic has introduced to efficient medical billing and the revenue cycle is a significant personnel shortage. RevCycle Intelligence reports that healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to automation to hit the trifecta: increase net revenue, reduce costs, and improve the patient experience...

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 AI is the present and future of healthcare.

Zelis Reports $426M Potential Savings with Claims Payment Optimization


As revenue cycle continues its rebound from the pandemic, the industry resumes its search for ways to increase efficiency while also realizing cost savings opportunities. If you are involved in revenue cycle in any capacity, you're no stranger to the fact that moving towards electronic payments provides one of the largest cost savings possible. In fact, according to the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), the healthcare industry is still leaving $426 million on the table...

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Experian Health: Healthcare Payments Overhaul in 2022 — Focus on the Patient

“Healthcare is one of the only industries where we go get a service and don’t know what our cost is going to be until sometimes months after that service has been delivered,” Jason Considine, senior vice president of Experian Health, told PYMNTS in a recent article examining the healthcare payments overhaul that we're seeing.

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Microsoft Establishes AI3C: Coalition to Accelerate AI Innovation to Transform Healthcare


In an effort to address many of the issues pressing the healthcare industry via Artificial Intelligence technology, Microsoft announced in a recent press release the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Coalition (AI3C) -- a stellar group including Brookings Institution, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Microsoft, Novant Health, Plug and Play, Providence, UC San Diego, and University of Virginia...

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