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OrboGraph Partners with Dr. David Maimon, Expert in Proactive Fraud Intelligence

Relationship will drive new innovation and collaboration around dark web check fraud prevention

Burlington, MA, November 13, 2023 – OrboGraph, a global leader in the fields of check fraud detection and image recognition solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Dr. David Maimon, Professor at Georgia State University, and a recognized authority in Proactive Fraud Intelligence. This collaboration underscores OrboGraph's commitment to remaining at the forefront of fraud detection and prevention in the financial industry.

As part of this partnership, Dr. Maimon will be a featured presenter at the upcoming OrboGraph Virtual Check Fraud Roundtable on November 14th. The roundtable will provide a platform for industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest advancements in fraud detection, focusing on emerging trends in dark web activity.

Dr. Maimon will also co-present a webinar with OrboGraph, delving into the newest developments in dark web activity and their implications for financial institutions. This webinar is designed to provide valuable insights for industry professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of evolving threats in the digital landscape.

Furthermore, Dr. Maimon will be actively participating in the ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference in Washington DC from November 28th to 30th. This conference is a premier event in the financial industry, bringing together experts and thought leaders to address challenges and share best practices in the fight against financial crimes.

During his visit to OrboGraph's headquarters, Dr. Maimon will engage in consultations with the company's experts to optimize their dark web fraud detection capabilities, with a specific focus on check fraud. By leveraging Dr. Maimon's expertise, OrboGraph aims to enhance its capabilities in identifying and preventing fraudulent check activities in the ever-evolving financial crime landscape.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Dr. David Maimon, whose wealth of knowledge and experience in Proactive Fraud Intelligence will undoubtedly elevate our capabilities in combating emerging threats," said Joe J. Gregory, Chief Strategy Officer at OrboGraph. "This partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions to safeguard their financial transactions."

The collaboration with Dr. Maimon underscores OrboGraph's dedication to innovation and continuous improvement in the realm of fraud prevention. The company looks forward to the mutual exchange of insights as well as the positive impact this partnership will have on strengthening the industry's defenses against financial fraud.

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Press Contact

James Bi
Marketing Manager

About OrboGraph

OrboGraph LLC. and OrboGraph LTD. ( are independent companies within the Thompson Street Capital Partners portfolio. OrboGraph is a premier developer and supplier of recognition solutions, payment negotiability, and check fraud detection for the check processing market. Nearly 4,000 financial institutions, service bureaus, and clearinghouses rely on OrboGraph technology to process billions of checks and payments annually. 

About Dr. David Maimon

Dr. David Maimon is a Professor at Georgia State University, the Director of the Evidence Based Cybersecurity Research group (, and an expert in Proactive Fraud Intelligence. His research focuses on understanding cybercrime, digital deviance, and the ways in which technology influences criminal behavior. Throughout his academic career he has raised more than $6 million to conduct Evidence-Based Cybersecurity research. Dr. Maimon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of fraud detection and prevention.


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