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OrboGraph to Present at ThreatAdvice Fraud & AI Conference

Sharing key metrics on check fraud trends across the industry, empowering community banks

Burlington, MA, October 16, 2023 – OrboGraph, a leading provider of check fraud detection and image recognition solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming ThreatAdvice Fraud & AI Conference. The conference will take place on October 19th, 2023, in Birmingham, AL, and will welcome financial institutions and community banks from across Alabama.

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As noted on the conference website: “The financial industry has been grappling with a significant rise in check fraud, posing serious challenges for financial institutions.” These challenges, along with advanced techniques to combat fraud, will be addressed at the conference via subject matter experts. Presenter James Bi, Marketing Manager and Fraud Detection Specialist at OrboGraph, will take the conference stage to address bad actor activities along with data points in check fraud market trends that are currently affecting the industry. Additionally, Sgt. Austin Tubb, Financial Crimes Department at the Hoover Police department, will share insights on check fraud being perpetrated in the southeastern region of the United States, elder fraud, and how these crimes are being investigated.

Barry Cohen, Chief Executive Officer at OrboGraph, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership between OrboGraph and ThreatAdvice, stating, "Our collaboration with ThreatAdvice represents a significant milestone in our mission to empower community banks with the most advanced technologies."

“TAFraudSentry is pioneering integrated digital image forensics with transactional analysis to provide a robust, multi-tiered defense against all forms of check fraud,” noted Russell Taylor, President of ThreatAdvice. “We are enthusiastic about our partnership with OrboGraph and look forward to them sharing their expertise and  client experiences with conference attendees.”

James Bi highlighted the unique opportunity presented by the conference, stating, "We are thrilled to participate in the ThreatAdvice Fraud & AI Conference, as it’s an excellent opportunity to share key metrics and insights with community banks, while outlining the latest technologies, such as image forensics, to fight check fraud.”

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Press Contact

James Bi
Marketing Manager

About OrboGraph

OrboGraph LLC. and OrboGraph LTD. ( are independent companies within the Thompson Street Capital Partners portfolio. OrboGraph is a premier developer and supplier of recognition solutions, payment negotiability, and check fraud detection for the check processing market. Nearly 4,000 financial institutions, service bureaus, and clearinghouses rely on OrboGraph technology to process billions of checks and payments annually. 

About ThreatAdvice.

Established and headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., with additional offices in Atlanta, Ga., and Mobile, Ala., ThreatAdvice provides cybersecurity, fraud, and compliance solutions for financial institutions and diverse industries. Spearheading the battle against the mounting threat of check fraud, ThreatAdvice presents TAFraudSentry, an unprecedented AI-backed solution designed to safeguard financial institutions. The company also delivers a range of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, empowering businesses of all types to enhance their cyber posture and prevent catastrophic cyber events. For more information, please visit or call 205-981-4444.


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