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OrboNation Newsletter: Healthcare Payments Edition – February 2022

Zelis Reports $426M Potential Savings with Claims Payment Optimization


As revenue cycle continues its rebound from the pandemic, the industry resumes its search for ways to increase efficiency while also realizing cost savings opportunities. If you are involved in revenue cycle in any capacity, you're no stranger to the fact that moving towards electronic payments provides one of the largest cost savings possible. In fact, according to the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), the healthcare industry is still leaving $426 million on the table...

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How AI is Resolving Common Coding Mistakes

Roni Berlin, BSHCM, CPC, CPB, who serves as associate vice president at ExdionRCM Solutions, opens an article at Medical Economics with the harsh reality that, if a medical student’s classes reflected the reality of practicing medicine today, "I would venture that more than half of the...

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Microsoft Establishes AI3C: Coalition to Accelerate AI Innovation to Transform Healthcare

In an effort to address many of the issues pressing the healthcare industry via Artificial Intelligence technology, Microsoft announced in a recent press release the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Coalition (AI3C)...

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5 Trends Bringing Effective Intelligence into Revenue Cycle in 2022

Time for another look at what this year might bring in terms of revenue cycle challenges.

Matt Seefeld, Executive Vice President at MedEvolve, created a list of reasons he is optimistic about the coming year -- with the caveat that health organizations stay current in terms of evolving tech...

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Healthcare Tech Finance reduced

Revenue Cycle Management 2.0: Key to Successful Healthcare Finance

Healthcare Economics doesn't beat around the bush: the first line of their Revenue Cycle Management 2.0 story states clearly: It has never been more important for those in healthcare to manage their revenues effectively. This has, in turn, put greater emphasis...

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Kaufman Hall Research Reports 75% of Providers Experience Rev Cycle Issues

As the world continues to battle COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare systems are understandably under more pressure than any other type of organization. They not only struggle with the issues of staffing shortages, supply chain, and declines in revenue, but also need to treat the onslaught of those....

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Aetna Announces Transition to Fully Electronic EOBs in 2022

In the complicated world of healthcare payments and remits, the desire to achieve a straight-through posting process is at the forefront -- and eliminating paper is a priority. The elimination of paper can be achieved via full electronic payment adoption, paper digitation, and/or paper electronification...

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