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OrboZone is Here — A Fresh Experience Weekly!

We’ve received a tremendous amount of positive feedback regarding our recent #OrboZone launch - - thanks for your “thumbs-up”!

But what is #OrboZone? It's dynamic content that combines high-impact videos, visual galleries, energizing music, and entertaining activities for your WFH environment.

The #OrboZone is compromised of six technology sections, each with their own unique content. Currently, there are two sections available to experience:

Single GPU: Perfect for smaller amounts of AI & Deep Learning Model training and powering gaming computers

Graphics Processing Unit


GPUs provide the processing power for AI and Deep Learning Models.


Click here to check out the power of GPUs with our videos and phot gallery. 

1 - AI Image

AI and Deep Learning


 AI and Deep Learning technology have revolutionize how businesses operate.


Click here to see AI & Deep Learning technology advancements with our videos and photo gallery. 

Click the images above to check out the #OrboZone GPU and AI & Deep Learning sections. 

We'll release new sections weekly, enhancing the #OrboZone Experience with fresh subjects and content. These include:

  • #OrboZone Fraud: Coming February 23rd...
  • #OrboZone Payments: Coming March 2nd..
  • #OrboZone Banking and Financial: Coming March 9th...
  • #OrboZone Healthcare Payment Electronification: Coming March 16th...

So keep an eye out for upcoming announcements! And, don't forget to check out the Entertainment Zone -- featuring two fun gaming options to break up your day -- and the Sights and Sounds of #OrboZone --featuring two visually and melodically appealing videos.

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